Voting is more important than funerals according to Sen. Susan Collins & her staff…

Apparently, when Sen. Susan Collins dies, it will be okay for all of us to lambaste her for not showing up to vote the day of her death! Hell, if someone in her family dies, she’ll be voting in the Senate! We now have permission to condemn her family too for being so selfish & self-centered for attending Suzie-Q’s funeral and not watching C-SPAN2 all day to find out how a particular bill went down!

May she rest in peace someday knowing full well what her voting record for the past seven years has done to our country and it’s people…

*patting crocodile tears from my eyes*


Here’s what the Maine GOP said in a statement:

“October 2, 2007
“Congressman Tom Allen missed each of the three votes the House of Representatives held yesterday, bringing his missed votes total to 132. He also missed three days of votes for a fundraising [sic] trip to California two weeks ago. Over the last three weeks the House has only held votes on ten days — Congressman Allen has missed four of those days completely, for a total of 22 votes.
“Maine Republican Party Chairman Mark Ellis said, “Congressman Allen really seems to have lost interest in showing up to work. At the very least, he should tell his constituents why he is choosing to leave them unrepresented in Congress less than a year after he was reelected. For these and the many other days that Tom has skipped votes, Mainers deserve to know the answer to the question: Where was Tom?”

Ooopsie. The Maine GOP, Suzie Collins, and Lance Dutson are all starting to look exactly how we thought they looked like: REICH WING JERKS!

Lance Dutson, Suzie-Q’s blogger, was quickly embarrassed about this ooopsie…

(Suzie-Q’s paid blogger and mouthpiece (for diverting her voting record away from Mainers by focusing on, DailyKos, FireDogLake, and other powerhouse liberal groups that are helping the democrats outraise the republicans) is embarrassed)

Interesting, huh? Suzie-Q is spending her campaign going after liberals for being “foul-mouthed fem bloggers” rather than talk about her atrocious reich wing jackboot licking voting record over the past seven years. She also wants everyone to believe that since she’s showing up to vote and hasn’t missed a vote, she’s the new Margaret Chase Smith, you know, the beloved republican Senator of Maine that Suzie-Q couldn’t hold a candle to even after Chase’s death! Makes you wonder what Suzie was doing the day Margaret died? She had better have been voting somewhere for crying out loud! Anyways….WHEN SUZIE SHOWS UP TO VOTE INDIVIDUALS LOSE THEIR RIGHTS IN THIS COUNTRY. When Tom Allen votes, our rights stay intact and when he goes to a funeral and misses a couple of votes, Maine’s “Margaret Chase Smith” becomes the Angel of Death! Wow. Scary.




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41 thoughts on “Voting is more important than funerals according to Sen. Susan Collins & her staff…

  1. Arrgh.

    What I intended to post last night is here and here.

    I should know better, huh?

    Dutson & Ellis don’t know diddly squat about blogging (or of research, for that matter)!

    Go, Tom!

  2. The Headstone is GENIOUS!! The only problem is that by posting it you are insulting the resident!!!!!!!!!

  3. Well, OM, I am a genius. You knew that. :-) LOL

    I bet Suzie-Q is voting today rather than talking about her atrocious voting record or the issue of Iraq. I bet she is! It wouldn’t surprise me if she hides in DC on the weekends and does pretend-votes in the air in her office just so she doesn’t have to talk about Iraq! Oh boy. *whistling and twirling my finger @ my ear at Suzie-Q*

  4. switching topic. Sorry. Just too important!!!!!
    SCHIP VETO OVERIDE. Everyone- you must call your reps. Senators and representatives- EVERYONE! you just have to call.
    1 (800) 459 – 1887
    1 (800) 614 – 2803
    1 (866) 340 – 9281
    1 (866) 338 – 1015
    1 (877) 851 – 6437
    above numbers are toll free congress swithchboard numbers! Use them This veto can be stopped.

  5. second schip post- don’t forget —- two things.
    1- lets build a pyramid. you each know two people. call them. INFORM them. Give them the numbers. Keep it local. It will work.
    2- find you local ofices for your local representatives. Call them at home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Visit them. If needed, get in their face.
    It is do or die time folks.

  6. You must be having the painters in. Either that or you have a undie grundie. A good steever is what you need!

  7. O’Keefe, you’re speaking in No Child Left Behind Neocon Talk, meaning, you’re not making sense again! Not surprised. No one can understand your president either.

    Thanks Bill for the numbers! Lots of republicans (Grassley is one) want to override the veto. Let’s hope it happens! This will prove once and for all that the reason why the Iraq occupation is still going strong is because the republicans still control the Senate and continue to block. Because Grassley and other republicans want this bill to be overridden shows the power they still have! I am right again about the republicans. Ha ha, neocons.

  8. Rush Limbaugh is kicking the democrat’s ass and rubbing their lying pie-holes into the pile of shit they dumped on America. Fuck Harry “Limpdick” Reid and his band of pussies.

    Edited by Kay:

    Ass Limbo is kicking our asses? Link something that proves it. For a guy who said he did nothing wrong, he sure is spending an awful lot of time on his pathetic radio program this week making shit up and editing his conversations to make himself look better!

    Ass Limbo had a boil on his ass and couldn’t go to Vietnam. Ah ha. What a coward. Ass has spent his youth running away from serving his country and now he serves his country shit on a platter everyday when he opens his mouth! To him, all the soldiers are phony and pathetic, because they didn’t spend their lives like him….in search of being a millionaire! That’s all that man cares about.

  9. Walter walter walter- first- go take a bath. your stench is permeating the web. Then, do me a favor Pleas. It ao=ppears that our god- the drug addict cut 1 min 30 secons from his supposed tape of the pathetic defense tape. Please try and get that missing tape. Then listen to it. You will love it. But walter- you pathetic rants just have to stop. They ae embarassingly ignorat examples of your tragic life.

  10. Needless to say I don’t care for Susan Collins, but it’s “fire-in-the belly” types like her, not missing a vote who are able to force their nightmarish agenda down our collective throats.

    Tom Allen’s voting record should cause Mainers concern. The U.S. taxpayers are paying he and the rest of Congress a handsome salary with percs to attend to the business of government and if they aren’t showing up to vote;ie., the most important activity in which they are engaged while holding office then what’s the point of sending them to DC…?!

    I watch my Washington State reps voting performance closely by using’s “Vote Monitor” function.

    I advise folks to sign-up for this service. There will be no SPAM associated with this registration. You get timely updates to your e-box showing how your reps have voted on the issues or even if they’ve cast a vote. The minute my reps show a “not voting”, I’m on the phone calling their offices to find out “why”…?! I also send scorching emails and fax’s concerning this issue as a follow-up to my call.

    I’ve gotten the “death in the family” excuse from several of them several times? Possibly this is a “canned” Congressional insider excuse they all give to their constituents when they don’t vote. Another lame excuse I got from Senator Patty Murray-D-WA ‘s office is that her vote wouldn’t have made any difference since she already knew the measure would fail relative to the “projected” Dem vs. Repub vote count results…?! These clowns are getting approximately $165,000 per annum plus juicy percs and then they decide not to vote for whatever reason that suits them, their constituents be damned!

    So in summation, I’d say Allen’s voting record antics should be a “yellow-flag” to Mainers. No Virginia, this is not an endorsement of Collins, but I’m saying maybe Allen isn’t the right person for the job either and someone else should be heading to the Senate instead of either he or Collins the incumbent. I can’t believe these are the only two possibilities that the entire state of Maine could elect for either the Senate or the House.

    So everyone goes “oorah” for Tom Allen electing him in lieu of Collins. Then he starts pulling the same nonsense as a U.S. Senator; only it’s Tom Allen’s agenda instead of Susan Collins. Tom’s agenda then turns out to be something quite different from what he promises on the campaign trail and voila’ Mainers are saddled with the no-show, not-voting monkey for 6 years. We live in dangerous times and cannot afford to have shufflebutt, scamsters in Congress. Will the 111th Congress be worse than the one we have now? It seems so at this time.

    America is in harms way with these mattoids in Congress and the Executive Branch.

    Carl Nemo **==

  11. Hi Kay,

    I tried to post, but it didn’t post as usual. There was only one link associated with the post. Thanks for your help on this matter.

    Nemo **==

  12. Olympia Snowe missed that all important military commisions act vote. …due to a death in the family. Susan thinks she is the good one out of the Maine Nazi Party.

  13. Uh Carl? Tom has a 98% voting record. The Collins camp is just pulling shit out of their asses about this and they want Mainers & Americans to think that because Suzie-Q has a 100% voting record, that means she’s good! She’s not good. Her voting record in recent years has spit on our rights, Carl. She’s a jackboot licker.

    Tom Allen is our current US Congressman in DC and he did not vote for the Iraq occupation in the beginning like Suzie-Q and Olympia did. He’s a good democrat.

    Not sure where you’re getting your info! I’m thinking the neocons are rubbing off on you. Get your facts, please. Don’t be like them!

  14. Tom has cast a total of 6,718 votes in the past 11 years compared to Collins 3,564. And in 2007 there have been 3 times as many votes in the House as they have been in the Senate.


  15. Carl- some time ago I posted a warning re Rep Allen.I based it on a remark he had made that concerned me. I followed it up with further examination and it showed – to me at least – the he has produced a great voting record. Since that is just about the only valid proof we folks have to assist us ing deciding whether or not he should get the voers vote, I have to say that he would make a worthy representative.I do think that your comments have validity but as Kay has posted, your homework appears to be skewed. Why, I don’t know but I urge you to reexamine your sourcing. Please keep one thing in mind.
    In this election cycle, given the fact that the gop is facing a potential rout, and given their record of ” the ends justify their means”, they will do anything and I mean ANYTHING to get that lady reelected. Just be careful and verify, verify, verify!!!!!!

  16. Get ready for Hillary to be president. To see a future glimpse of what that will be like, go to England for your next medical procedure. Be prepared to hand over more than half of your wages to fund her programs like giving every child born in America $5000. You libs have no idea what you are bringing. A world under Hillary will mean the death of America. She is card carrying communist. Read her past for yourselves. You libs have killed America. Congratulations.

  17. Thankyou Walter. God knows I needed your inciteful comment. I guess i will have to switch my support to that great Amerikan rudy. At least I will know that he has my interests at heart. Since I intend to chose someone who is firm in his beliefs, rudy is the man. Look at the way he found god. look at the way he discovered that guns in the hands of anyone make this country a safer place to live. look at the way he searched and kept trying until he found the right women. Look at the way he he loves to put on a dress and relax.(something I love to do myself) Look at the way he choses his staff- loved bernie kerick.
    Yup- what a mistake I made- almost deciding to support Hillary.Thankyou- you fucking moron!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Hi Kay,

    I didn’t question the veracity of there being a death in his family. My contention is that due to their elected, fiduciary responsiblity to thousands of constituents in their home states that honoring/feating the dead including family members is less important than attending to the needs of the living via their vote. Maybe I sound too hard core concerning this issue.

    In my reps case; ie., Brian Baird-D-Wa 3rd Congressional District, he too pulled off a no vote on an issue that might have made him look bad to the Bushistas and possibly soft on the war to fence-sitting Dems by claiming a “death in the family”…! Recently this same rep took a trip to Iraq and came back with a wheel alignment stating that he “now” supports our long term presence in that country after patronizing his constituents to the contrary for some time. The people in our district went “nuts” to say the least with many pledging to see that he never, “evah”, returns to Congress and I’m one of them. I guess I’m so burned out on their collective bullshit;ie., repubs and dems, that I don’t trust any of them at this point in our history. They are “republicrats”, all corporate suckups!

    Carl Nemo **==

  19. Well, what do you know? Wesley “Traitor” Clark want Congress to issue ratings on talk radio speech like movie ratings. Un-Fucking-Believable!!!

  20. You libs must be terrified of conservative talk radio. You try to destroy it because it spotlights your fallacies and those of your candidates and representatives. And even if you believe all that is said are lies, why would you want to squelch it? You don’t think people are smart enough to think and see for themselves what is truth and what are lies? So now you libs and your reps in Congress are ready to scrap the first admendment. This is what you are advocating. And you have the gaul to accuse republicans of shredding The Constitution. We have you fuckers on tape advocating just that! When are you libs ever going to learn that it is your democrat party who wants to take away your liberties guaranteed under The Constitution?!!! If you think Rush Limbaugh makes such an ass out of himself representing the conservative side, why would you libs want to shut him up??!! I Know! Because he shines “the light of truth” on you libs like cockraoches in the kitchen!

  21. Carl- Baird is garbage. devote your energy to his removal. However- remember that old saying about babies and bathwater? that should be your guide.
    Confront the piece of crap. Picket him. Join as a supporters of his opposition!
    Just apply the same critical thinking to any other reps unless you are sure!

  22. Dems and libs try and smear Rush Limbaugh off of the air because they are so afraid of him. Hey libs, if you believe Limbaugh is a liar and a clown why are you so afraid of him? Why do you want to close him down and deny free speech? Since when does Congress get to monitor what speech content they find acceptable? Why are you dems shredding the 1st Amendment?

  23. Why are any lieberals and demliecrats afraid to debate Rush Limbaugh one-on-one? If you believe you are so correct in your stance the you have facts and truth on your side and you should easily defeat him in the arena of ideas and truth. That would be a great victory for you libs and dems to crow about! He has challenged you libs and dems but you have refused and we see fear in your ranks. Why are you little people so afraid?

  24. Walter, anyone is better than a republican for president. Thanks for the opportunity to say that.

    So far New York Crony Dumbass Trash, you haven’t posted a link to the actual audio (the whole segment and not just the edited portion Ass Limbo is using) of what Ass said.

    Does Ass Limbo have liberals on his show to debate? Will he invite Media Matters to his show to prove them wrong? Bah hahahahahahaha! Nope. He’s a whiny assed titty baby coward. He had a boil on his ass and couldn’t serve his country during Vietnam! What a weasel wussy he is.

  25. It looks like NYCDT has you on that one. Limbaugh HAS invited anyone from Media Matters and DEMANDED Harry Reid debate him. He has an open-invitation to any liberal or democrat to debate him. He has thrown down the gauntlet. Yet, all democrats can do is screech libelous accusations from the safety of their sidelines and the MSM. NYCDT is right; you libs ARE afraid.

  26. First off, no one listens to Ass Limbo, so how could they hear it if not through other’s telling him (like Reid for example)? Second of all, you’re under the assumption that Ass Limbo and his staff have been on the phone for hours a day trying to reach someone at Media Matters. Fat chance of Ass or his staff doing that! Just like always, Ass Limbo hides in his studio. Hell, the man can’t even go grocery shopping, because he’s afraid of the public, so he has his limo driver do his shopping for him while he sits in the parking lot! Fat, lazy fuck too.

  27. We’re afraid? Of what? A drug addict? LOL We’re just afraid the drug addict is backtracking big time again! And he’s doing that. How come Ass Limbo is not replaying that segment of his show for his listeners? How come he’s deleting large portions of it and doing it that way? If he was proud of what he said and knew what he said was not a slam against our soldiers, surely he could find time in a segment to play the whole thing! Oh that’s right. He’s been caught calling our soldiers who don’t agree on the Iraq occupation as phony soldiers and then mentioned the REAL phony soldier a minute or two later to make himself feel better! He truly is pathetic.

  28. I heard Ass Limbo call Wesley Clark an ‘ignoramus moron’ today on his show. Even our Generals who served in our military are disgusting crap to Ass Limbo! What an ass. Oh wait a minute? Ass Limbo didn’t serve in the military, now did he? He had a boil on his ass and was hurting, therefore, he couldn’t hold a gun. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww, poor fat boy Ass Limbo.

  29. How many levels of bullshit can you come up with? Nobody listens to Limbaugh? Either you’re lying (big possiblity) or you’re stupid (another possiblity) or both (big possiblity. Explain how nobody listens to him yet he awoke the anger in conservatives years ago which now the liberal media and liberals hate. And explain how he stays on the air on hundreds of radio stations nationwide. You’re afraid! It shows! You libs have been caught at your skullduggery of smears and lies and it’s coming home to roost! Answer why lib democrats want free speech regulated! ANSWER THAT!! You want links??!! I’ll give ‘em to ya and you can’t deny the TRUTH!!! Try Wesley ClarK!!!

  30. So, you libs think it’s OK for you assclowns to burn and desecrate the American flag but when Limbaugh calls an imposter who falsly claimed to be a hero in the military a “phony soldier” you assclowns go apeshit, make up lies and twist the facts to smear an individual who is revered by our service men and women worldwide!

    And shall I begin to list the liberals and democrats who pontificate on high yet never donned a military uniform??!!! Hypocrites!!!

  31. And since when is the business of democrats to demand an apology from a private citizen on what he said? What gives them the right to make it their business??!! You, with your blog, you want to be next? How would you like being told by the government what you can or cannot say about someone?? Huh?? Let’s see you answer that one. Or are you just going to delete this post because it is a question you can’t answer and can’t face the embarrassment?

  32. First off, no one listens to Ass Limbo…

    really? he only has the most listened to radio program of any talk show host ever. again, Kay Limbaugh-preacher of hate that she is- has no conception of facts. Try checking the Arbitron ratings and see how huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge his listening audience is.

    Besides, you sure must be listening to him since you’ve been writing so much about him! HA! Kay’s cover is blown, she loves listening to Rush! Bwa ha ha ha ha! Kay and Rush, sitting in a tree….Kay loves Rush! I bet you’re one of the 24/7 subscribers and watch him on the ditto cam too!

  33. Um Walter, you are an idiot. First of all Rush isn’t kicking anyones ass because I highly doubt that fat ass could lift his leg past his ankle. Secondly, Walter, this left/right battle and the communist, socialist fear labeling was created to keep Americans divided while the corporations conquer us and the world.

    Walter, can you read? I’d advise you to read American Babylon, it tells all about free trade verses the American system of economics that this country originally was built on. It tells who was/is behind free trade and also tells that many of our fore fathers and other American figures were totally against “Free Trade” as far back as 1778.

    Plus Walter, an extra bonus for you. If you are a christian it goes into the bible, revelations, but actually tells about how we are all being sucked into a one world government brought on by leaders of both parties and others.
    GET EDUCATED Walter!

  34. Ass Limbo has lost 10 million listeners over the last few years. Why? He’s a liar. The fact that his show is crammed down the throats of our soldiers in Iraq I’m sure is helping to keep his ratings up. LOL Gawd how that man uses our soldiers!

  35. Walter, why was okay for the Senate to condemn when it is a private company with 3 million members? That was okay? To stop our government to do that? If you think so, then yes! The democrats should demand an apology to the Soldier Hater.

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