Ann Coulter, the face of the republican party, will be dead someday

Ann Coulter will be dead someday!

*screaming laughter, applause, and whistling*

And…after the nation stops the partying, the celebrations, and making that wonderful glorious day a national holiday to party our asses off because the witch is gone, guaranteed that Coulter’s family will be doing press conferences in support of her. When they do, I will point out to them:

  • They’re using her death for their own benefit
  • They’re nothing but a bunch of fags
  • They’re haircuts are too expensive & not very good
  • I’m glad some of them have cancer and despite the cancer, I will continue to attack them
  • They’re using her death to promote their book on Ann’s life for financial reasons and they don’t really care about Ann at all
  • I’m glad she’s dead and so is the country, but they can’t defend their position on this no matter what

Yeah, yeah, and I won’t feel a shred of shame or guilt either. Hey, if this bitch can say what she wants (even threaten the life of John Edwards) on national television and get away with it, then I think it would be fine for Coulter’s family to suffer the same kind of hate that Ann put the nation through all those years. Ann would be okay with that too, because she says she has a right to speak. She does, but when she’s dead her family won’t be able to, you know, kind of like Elizabeth Edward’s son dying in a horrific car crash and then Elizabeth not being able to defend herself on why she had a bumper sticker that mentioned her son, because Ann Coulter was speaking, spinning, and spreading her Orwellian Words.


So, when Ann Coulter dies (I don’t care if it’s a horrific death or from cancer or from falling down the stairs because her Adam’s Apple got too heavy), her family won’t be able to get a word in edgewise. If they make one penny from Ann’s death (even if it’s from Ann’s books that she wrote years before), they will hear from Americans. We will remind them that their loved one was nothing but a piece of shit and deserves the same kind of respect the 9/11 wives and Elizabeth Edward’s son got from Ann Coulter.

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75 thoughts on “Ann Coulter, the face of the republican party, will be dead someday

  1. LOL Angry Ballerina! Well, that is the question for the masses, now isn’t it? It’s always amazing to me that someone like her can say the things she does, but when Martin Luther King spoke his, he was gunned down. *shaking head*

    I think it’s safe to say that the reich wingers hate peace and love Ann. She is the face of the republican party for sure! She represents them well.

  2. Ann Coulter is a phony! Her whole schtick being anti-lib makes big bucks. Her real party of choice is the “Almighty Buck Party” plain and simple. She’s fairly well educated, articulate and enjoys busting balls figuratively and possibly literally just for the hell of it.

    I personally think she’s rather harmless and nothing but a curiosity when it comes to pseudo-pundits such as herself. Also her hawkish features, twiggy body, and icy demeanor no doubt reminds “reichwingers” of an Ilsa She-Wolf of the S.S. type of chick who’ll kick their collective asses both intellectually and physically in a NY minute. She makes Bushco and his followers mighty “hard” no doubt; i.e., if they can even get it up..?! :) )

    I thought I’d post a link to some of her outrageous statements. People need to lighten up and simply laugh at her endless, P.T. Barnum style, mindless screed. Consider her writings and public interviews to be nothing but “chewing gum for idle minds”.


    Carl Nemo **==

  3. Ref: Post #3 Referenced Coulter link further down page. For some reason this happens on occasion.

  4. Carl, she may be harmless in your eyes, but her supporters are freaks. Lydia Cornell (1980′s actress who starred in Two Close For Comfort) has a blog and when she made a comment about Ann publicly, the Little Green Football & Free Republic goons came out of the woodwork and went after her blog. Apparently, they hacked the hell out of it. Coulter even posted personal information about Cornell (private phone number? I think that’s what it was). Vicious. Nothing but a bunch of Neanderthal knuckle draggers…

  5. How is what Coulter said any different from what Bill Maher said about wishing Cheney has been killed by al-Qaida?

    John Edwards needs his cancer stricken wife to fight his battles for him because he’s too much of a p*ssy to do it himself. Hell, he won’t even appear on FOX News. If he can’t stand up to Chris Wallace or Brit Hume, how’s he ever going to “negotiate” with terrorists? Edwards is a skirt wearing little girl. Maybe you can photo-shop his head over the ballerina dancer image you sometimes post of Lieberman. It certainly would be fitting of Edwards.

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  7. New Hampshire Dem leader is . . . Al Gore

    By: New Hampshire Union Leader

    June 27, 2007 05:14 PM EST

    Boston – A New Hampshire presidential poll by WHDH-TV and Suffolk University shows that local Democrats prefer Al Gore to any of the current contenders.

    Hillary Clinton has a solid lead over the rest of the current Democratic field. The poll, released this afternoon, shows 37 percent of likely Democratic voters backing Clinton or leaning towards her. Barack Obama was at 19 percent, with both John Edwards and Bill Richardson at 9 percent.

    Al Gore, however, could enter the race as the leader. When his name is added, Clinton loses more than a quarter of her support, while Gore is backed by 32 percent.

    Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani lead the GOP field. The former Massachusetts governor is supported by 26 percent of likely GOP voters, with Giuliani slipping to 22 percent. John McCain and Fred Thompson are both at 13 percent, a major move backwards for McCain. Romney’s support, which relies heavily on younger voters, is up 7 percent from a comparable poll in March, when he trailed Giuliani (37 percent) and McCain (27 percent).

    The poll, which has a 4.4 percent margin of error, surveyed 500 likely voters from June 20 to 24.

    TM & © THE POLITICO & POLITICO.COM, a division of Allbritton Communications Company

  8. “How is what Coulter said any different from what Bill Maher said about wishing Cheney has been killed by al-Qaida?”

    Answer: Because 70% of the nation agrees with his statement.

    Are you saying that a mother has no right to defend her dead son? Are you saying that Elizabeth Edwards is as bad as Ann Coulter? OMG David! You’re a lunatic to think that!

    About Fox News….

    It’s the scummy, reich wing, propaganda machine for the reich wingers in the White House! No one in their right mind would want to get near that place. It’s stinks like sulfur.

    George Bush told the nation that he doesn’t care about where Osama is. Hell, he even told his CIA to close up shop on Osama because finding the #1 Terrorist is not a priority. He’s even letting the illegals come in down on the southern border, has defunded the money for going after the terrorists when his repukes were in control of the Congress, and he sees no problem with his best buds in Saudi Arabia funding the terrorists in Iraq who are killing Americans.

    Oh, but Edwards won’t go on Fox, so therefore, he would suck at defending America! See how stupid you are David?

  9. I will be glad when all maniacal liberals are dead. Libs are hypocritical slug-slime. We are watching you. Waiting … waiting …. patiently waiting …..

  10. Hi Kay :)

    I don’t usually post poll results but since it was reflective of New England thought it might be relevant.

    My favorite is still Dennis Kucinich. He’s the only one out there who speaks my language and doesn’t sound like a parrot for corporate interests.

    As for Ann Coulter, she gives great looking blonde women a bad image with her hateful rhetoric.


  11. Lee, you’ll have a heart attack soon because of your rage against the people in this country who think you are dog crap. We’re not worried about you. Just like the reich winger on the reich wing AM channel here in Maine did a couple years ago, you’ll drop dead and the world won’t miss ya.
    Awwwwwwwwwww, so sorry. *gagging myself with a lawn chair*

  12. “How is what Coulter said any different from what Bill Maher said about wishing Cheney has been killed by al-Qaida?”

    Answer: Because 70% of the nation agrees with his statement.”

    Really – 70% of the nation agrees Cheney should have been killed by al-Qaida? Any FACTUAL references for your statement? No, of course not. Perhaps 70% of LIBERALS believe that, but that doesn’t make it factual. Please feel free to add a link substantiating what you wrote. You won’t be able to do that, though.

    “Are you saying that a mother has no right to defend her dead son?”

    Nope, never said or wrote that. That you would link the two together is strange, but then all you Libs are members in the Cult of Death, right?

    John Edwards is a p*ssy and a sissy. If he can’t defend himself or his political ambition and beliefs on FOX News, then why would anyone believe he can do so with terrorists? Only Libs will buy what Edwards says, he won’t fool anyone else or anyone who OBJECTIVELY sees him for the phony he is.

    When and where is Bush say he no longer cares about Bin Laden? And why would you believe him when you don’t believe anything else he says? Answer: once again you only believe what supports what you already know or want to believe. Doing so is nothing more than mental methodology of Fascism at work; “selective ideology”.

  13. Actually, Cheney has always had a 19% approval rating, so therefore, 81% agree with this statement.

    George Bush is a sissy too. He talks a good talk, but when the shit hits the fan, he tells his CIA to stop looking for Osama. Is that because Osama is living at the Bush Compound in Kennebunkport, Maine? Could be. Wouldn’t surprise me in the least, because the bin ladens & the Bush’s have had a long relationship…. Only you fools believe that Georgie cares about ya! He cares about money, greed, and power. That’s it. No where in there are you listed David. Sorry.

    Bush was head cheerleader at Yale and now he is head cheerleader of America. Awww, how cute, David thinks a cheerleader can protect America. *screaming laughter*

  14. You will lose. Just like Limbaugh said, you crazies are setting yourselves up again for a major ass-wuppin’. It will be better than Monday night football watching the whacked-out lick-libbies go down in flames once again. Oh, and the Edward’s are pimping their dead son out for votes. That is sick, sick, sick. But normal behavior for a liberal. Maybe you can clean their house for them. It’s over 20,000 square feet. If you hurry, you might get the first coat of slime off by Christmans.

  15. Re: Post #12

    Lee in Houston…

    “Waiting … waiting … patiently waiting ……” Damn dude…are you auditioning for a new anti-hero’s spot in a cartoon series titled “The Mantis”…?! :) )

    Carl Nemo **==
    p.s. I suggest you have some cookies n’ milk, take your Haldol and get some rest, maybe several days worth in a very dark room. Hopefully there’s some sharp objects in your night table drawer. Sweet dreams little guy!

  16. Ann Coulter is pimping herself everyday. Jeebus, her last book had to be reduced down to $4.99 within the first week because nobody bought it! LOL Hysterical…

  17. “Actually, Cheney has always had a 19% approval rating, so therefore, 81% agree with this statement.”

    So you equate the above with “70% of the population agrees Cheney should be killed by al-Qaida” ?

    Give me a link to a poll site that shows Cheney “has always had 19% approval rating”, please. I’ll accept any major network, pollster or newspaper. I won’t accept Kos, Think Regress or other such biased and hate-filled sites.

    You are such a lifetime member of the Cult of Death and Hatred. You bathe in the blood of U.S. soldiers and others who die that don’t goose-step along with exactly what you think. You cannot tolerate that others have different opinons about issues and that makes you hate even more, doesn’t it Kay?

  18. David — Kay has no soul. She admits that. She obviously has been cast into Lucifer’s tribe. What else can explain her irrationality?

  19. Kay — I have just ordered for you an autographed copy of Ann Coulter’s book, “Godless — The Church Of Liberalism”. I hope you will accept this small token of friendship and let by-gones be by-gones. I know you will cherish this book and even have it become a valuable heirloom for your relatives. :)

  20. Wasn’t Ann Coulter the main character in the cult film “Carnival of Souls?”

    If she isn’t, she sure could have fooled me.

    If she dies by drowning in a car that falls to the bottom of the ocean, maybe she is.

    Or is it… that her entity has returned to the living and she doesn’t know she’s dead?

  21. Re: Post #23

    Yo David Drake…!

    You must be an options trader…?

    “Actually, Cheney has always had a 19% approval rating, so therefore, 81% agree with this statement.”

    This is the same logic used concerning market “short-sellers’!
    The theory that the greater investing public is always on the wrong side at tops and bottoms, so the 81% must be betting on the other side therefore you best go long or short depending on the analyzed situation; i.e., is this case Cheney and his political position means he is an OK guy…not! Unfortunately this trading methodology only holds true for stocks and their derivatives;i.e., options when “fear and greed” (bucks) are involved, but not political shenanigans sponsored by the likes of Cheney et. al. …!

    Carl Nemo **==

  22. Most republicans don’t identify with Coulter? Oh please! Even Pat Buchanan was salivating over her today and he still hasn’t noticed her gigantic Adam’s Apple. It’s really amazing to watch. She’s one pretty boy with a big mouth and the republicans go ga-ga over herIt.

  23. Kay, the coultergeist IS the face of the repuke party. Oh sure they try to deny it, but the msm keeps her firmly in light as the head of the rnc! I love it! Granted repukes try to deny it, but even their lies can’t dispell the truth when tweety and fucker calrson and buchanan and the other water carriers for the rnc keep saying how great she is. I love the free PR they give her as head of the repukes!!!

  24. It’s true. Coulter is the face of the republican party. She says what all of you are thinking. If she was unpopular by the republicans she would have been driven to poverty years ago.

  25. As usual dd “dudley dud” has gotten his quotes wrong, just like Anny Tranny,

    What Bill Maher really said was;

    Maher: But I have zero doubt that if Dick Cheney was not in power, people wouldn’t be dying needlessly tomorrow.


    Maher: I’m just saying if he did die, other people, more people would live. That’s a fact.

    Still making up YOUR lies as facts eh dudley?

    Or just shoving your hand up your as and pulling out what ever shit you can grab son?

    All Maher said was the equivalent of me stating if Georgie’s Daddy had done the right thing and pull his shriveled dick out of the grizzled old beast sometime in Oct 1945 and spewed that waste of semen on the rug the entire planet would have been MUCH BETTER OFF the last 7 years…….

  26. Ann Coulter knows how to deal with you liberals. She kicks ass and names names. Calls it like it is … no bullshit. Very refreshing to hear. You liberals are too stupid to realize that most of the country is on her side!!! That’s why her book is a no.1 best seller! And so are The Reagan Diaries! Al Gore’s pack of lies book is no. 2! You libs will always be in second place just like the second class you are!

  27. Looks like Peed on in Houston is done jerking off to the coulterguist and using his sticky fingers on the keyboard again………

  28. Ann Coulter spins and diverts. That is the mark of a criminal. Ever see a criminal in the courtroom tell the truth? Ha! Never! That is what Ann is. She’s very good at deceiving to deflect any criticism or truth from penetrating her eel skin.

  29. “…or from falling down the stairs because her Adam’s Apple got too heavy…”

    Thanks a lot, Kay. I blew out coffee through my tear ducts on that one.

    And Ann can kiss my ass!

  30. Awwwww… SHIT! I missed all the fun, AGAIN! :-(

    And my old buddy, Lee (Pee-Pee Hole in Pussville) is here, too!

  31. I see Cliffy the hillbilly fag is back wanking to pictures of Kay. Hey Cliffy! How many times today?

  32. Hey, Jeffy…

    How many strokes went to Annie with the left hand, while the right middle digit probed your prostate?

  33. Hey Highwaywhore, if you’re real nice I’ll vaseline up the barbed wire dildo before I cram it up your ass. Otherwise, it’ll be a dry stroke and you’ll need your Prep H. Bend over, here it comes.

  34. kayinmaine Says:
    “How is what Coulter said any different from what Bill Maher said about wishing Cheney has been killed by al-Qaida?”
    Answer: Because 70% of the nation agrees with his statement.
    Guess what in Germany in 1933 70% of the nation agrees with what Hitler said . Same story again?
    If you are in majority it does not make you right.

  35. Comment #18 by Kay: “Actually, Cheney has always had a 19% approval rating, so therefore, 81% agree with this statement.”

    Kay – the best you can come up with is a TWO YEAR OLD CBS POLL? Nice try. Besides, didn’t you yourself say CBS is part of the “reich wing” media and NOW you quote a two year old poll from them? Baw ha ha ha ha!


    Hey Stoooooopid: The quote you attribute to me is actually KAY’S OWN WORDS FROM HER COMMENT IN COMMENT # 18 – NOT my words at all!

    So we have Capn Numbnutts ripping aparat a quote that he thought was MINE when it was actucally KAY’S! Oh – it just doesn’t get any better when a unknowingly shreds another Lib in comments because they’re too stupid to read who wrote what.

    Hey Capn, how’s it feel to be the biggest “foole” on White Noise today? Bwa ha ha ha ha! What a dumbass you are.

    Clif, you fail to address the question of why so little outcry from the Left over what Maher said but the vicious attacks on Coulter for saying basically what Maher did. I’m not going to let you get away with changing the focus. If you had to address the focus, you’d lose, which is why you tried to change the focus of the question. Nice try, no cigar. How ya doin’ Cliffy, still vehemently supporting pedophiles and child molesters? Folks, keep your kids away from Clif ;-)

  36. “Guess what in Germany in 1933 70% of the nation agrees with what Hitler said . Same story again?
    If you are in majority it does not make you right.” ~ 2008voter

    Are we in 1942 Nazi Germany at the moment? Some would say we are considering Bush & Hitler lead their nations in the same way. Funny thing though, there wasn’t Internet back then and the people of today are better informed about their leader than they were then. Get that?

  37. David, what number would you like me to say is Dick’s approval rating? Huh?

    You’re changing the focus of the whole entire thread, David, but yet you’re blaming Clif for doing that. The thread is about Ann Coulter being dead someday and you’re focusing on the 19% approval rating that the Dickster had back in 2005 that I posted.

    Stay focused David.

  38. Re: Post #51

    My apologies David Drake, but rest assured I will not cut my throat on your behalf due to a mistake…! Regardless of who said it Kay or yourself it’s still a good education in how to trade market tops and bottoms using contrary indicators.

    You should be loading the boat on S&P 500 put options right now with in excess of 90 days to expiration. The market has just made a broad double top and could drop to 11,500 in short order. My gift to you for my mistake is handing you an idea on how to make a bundle with very “cheap” put options. I also suggest you convert a goodly portion of your cash holdings to Euro’s in a FOREX account because the USD is ready to make a “waterfall” crash into oblivion! Soon it will no longer be the world’s reserve currency thanks to Bushco’s failed economic policies, the war, and a host of other issues.

    I also suggest you lighten up and quit that damned habit of chewing on your fingers, growling all the time, and barking at the moon…! :) )

    Nemo **==

  39. All I asked, which you still cannot answer, is where you got poll approval ratings for Cheney, which, in your own words in comment #18 are as follows:

    “Cheney has always had a 19% approval rating.”

    The best you could do is find a two year old poll from CBS, an organization you yourself have said you don’t trust.

    Got hypocrisy?

    I’m not barking at the moon or chewing my fingers. I’m LMAO ROTFL at the idiocy here. Haven’t you heard that laughing is good for you? For what other reason would I stop by and visit here? Certainly not for the facts or information. ;-)

    Kay, I just love how you have no ideas of your own and co-opt what I write – like “focus” – because you cannot refute or sustain your own logic. LMAO to the 10th power!

  40. Shouldn’t all you Libs be happy and celebrating that today Bush’s Immigration policy got defeated?

    I sure am!

  41. The people of America won in the “Amnesty” Bill debacle and Teddy Kennedy is pissed! He actually stated that he cannot understand why the citizens of the U.S. would not want this bill! This cretin asshole is delusional! We won Kennedy!!! Tough shit! If you love chili choppers that much move to Mexico!!!!

  42. Yes peed on in houston and dudley dudthe flawed bill backed by Bush and wall street got defeated. I was not for it and am also glad it fell because it gave far too much amnesty to corporate america for all the crimes they have been complicit in for ther last two decades flaunting US law for profit. However unlike you I realize the next version will not be better from YOUR perspective since either next years attempt by Bush ET Al to get something before they are sent packing away will either be less punitive to the people exploited by corporate america for the last two decades, which if course you all hate because that is all you do is hate people,which are not stupid copies of your useless selves.

    However if nothing happens until after 2008, your going to WISH this bill passed which I still will understand something much better will be in the offering when the democrats are controlling the house with a larger majority, and the senate with a much larger majority, and of course the white house itself which means they do not have to offer anything to you or the foole you used to worship, you know the dunce and his evil puppet master…..

    So you all won the status quo, which is thousands of new immigrants crossing the border today, tomorrow and the next day into perpetuity it seems.

    They will remain here just like they have done since Reagan gave their predecessors amnesty in 1986, which means at least Bush hasn’t sold the reichwing out like Reagan did YET, but there is next year bozo’s.

    BTW thanks for all the new converts to the democratic party, which means the id-jet red-neck party of LOSERS will remain that for a couple of generations, thanks fooles….

    BTW since the Hispanics and other minority demographically groups will become a MAJORITY of the population in a generation or so, good luck trying another redneck fake christian run for the stupid people to wrestle the country from the people, which BTW will be African American and Mexican American for a majority boys.

    Also since the economy is slowly melting down with a 9 trillion dollar debt and both Japan and China holding over a trillion dollars of US currency in their reserves with the US holding a hell of a lot of IOU’s to both them and others(OPEC) nations and even Mexico things are going to get real interesting.

    Heck of a win there boys, enjoy it like you enjoy the 2004 election it is probably the last of those also.

    Your going to become more and more irrelevant no matter how many lies and how much hate you reichwing fooles spew from now on.

    Have a nice day hating the new majority of the American People and the new majority party for a Long Long Time there boys, and get used to being a minority in this country.

  43. kayinmaine :
    “Are we in 1942 Nazi Germany at the moment?”
    No we are not because our democracy is not ruled by simple majority and majority as we know from history is not always right.
    “Some would say we are considering Bush & Hitler lead their nations in the same way.”
    I wonder who is that ? Liberal socialists? Let us remember that Nazi is the National Socialist German Workers Party.
    “Funny thing though, there wasn’t Internet back then and the people of today are better informed about their leader than they were then.”
    Amen! I do agree . This is why you could convince people that John Kerry was a good student and a war hero!
    Talking about “Bush & Hitler lead their nations in the same way” if it would be true you would be already dead or in labor camp, instead you are enjoining a freedom of speech in which you and Elisabeth Edwards are trying to deny to Ann Coulter using conspiratory ambush style set up .

  44. However you clown will havve anny teranny to jerk off to as the country continues it’s grand history of accepting the immigrants which fooles like you hate,

    like the US did in the 1840′s as the Irish immigrated, and after the civil war as the Italian and Asian immigrants came to our shores, and as the country has slowly corrected it’s unconscionable treatment of the African Americans that were kidnapped forced into slavery until the people of the north fought a war with id-jets like you to free the slaves then gutless punks went around at night in bedsheets trying to scare the African Americans into their “new” place in this country they did a hell of a lot of building. Until the African American’s decided to no longer take the treatment fooles like YOU decided they “deserved” and they forced this country to live UP to the ideals it claims to follow.

    Let Anny Tranny screech till hell freezes over the progress of this country will continue even in spite of her hate filled rantings, and fooles like you gutless trolls whacking your widdle pee pees to her large Adam’s apple bony anorexic bag of a figure.

  45. doesn’t it bother any of you liberal types that the only people who like this immigration bill are a smattering of left wing nutjobs, george bush, and large corporations that wish to drive down wages by adding 12 million people into the legal labor pool? strange bunch off bedfellows there

  46. large corporations that wish to drive down wages by adding 12 million people into the legal labor pool?

    News flash CJ, they have already done that, and Bush allowed it to happen by NOT securing the border…..

  47. so lets make itworse with junk legislation…two murderers pushing it? I mean, ted’s a murderer, george is really just a world leader doing his job….badly, I’ll grant

  48. Laura Bush ran over her ex-boyfriend and killed him. She served no time in prison for it either. She was dating Bush at the time, so I’m sure that very nice father of his got her off from the charge.

    How many people have died at the hands of the Bush Family Mafia? Good question. I’d love to know the number.

    How many pieces of junk legislation got put through over the last 12 years of republican reign?

  49. wanna talk earmarks? Lets talk Robert Byrd, David Obey, diamme feinstein….lord the list of carpetbaggers is long…they’ve continued the tradition. Besides, if you knew anything except the constant dreaey attack sewage the left spews, ypu’d know full well earmarks are an open issue…neither messes with the other on the earmarks, and they all write em up as fast as they can. You’ve lost all ability to reason kay. Why look like an idiot when you know so much about the issues?

  50. there is the difference between us. i know it was a lot. i don’t have any desire to go see how many. Earmarks are across the board, and ugly. You only like em if they build your library

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