Sean Hannity & the GOP teaches our nation morals, pay attention!

Here is Sean Hannity of Fox News teaching Americans what is appropriate and moralistic on a Friday night:

(photo found on Jesus’ General linked on the sidebar)

Here’s how Jenna Bush (daughter of a GOP madman in the White House) teaches our young to act in public Monday thru Friday….(CLICK HERE TO SEE).

And here’s Chelsea Clinton wearing clothes like the young women of our nation should and looking professional and intelligent as well:

Notice how Chelsea is not pulling her underwear down in public as she sits there. She’s not smoking nor is she drunk in public. Apparently she’s not hanging out with Jenna enough to learn morals from the GOP and their coherts.

Shame on Chelsea! Straighten up girl and buy your miniskirt and jackboots before the GOP finds out how you’re acting! Jees.


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173 thoughts on “Sean Hannity & the GOP teaches our nation morals, pay attention!

  1. Funny! Now if Al Gore was photographed with women like that, Hannity would be bullshit and would call for Gore’s execution! See how they are? Can’t stand them.

  2. and btw, he wouldnt know what to do with one of those women.

    my favorite is the one on the right. shes called “air force amy” or something like that. (i guess cause she has 2 bombs on her chest.)

  3. Chelsea has grown up into a dignified and attractive woman, and Jenna; well we won’t go there for now, but that is a Republican for ya!

  4. Kayinmanine,

    It’s amazing just how much hate in your heart you have for ALL THINGS that you judge to be in violation of your own ideology. You must be a very angry and unhappy person inside judging from the content of your many comments. Is your quality of life that bad or are you just unhappy with life in general? Are you teaching your 12 year old son to hate as much as yourself? If so, he will surely have a miserable life ahead of him. The world is full of examples of corrupt politicians, celebrities and everyday people that commit immoral and unjust acts. One could spend an entire life time complaining of world events or comparing people’s behavior to some how justifying our own moral ideals. Open your eyes; there are still some good things in life. Anyway, I’m sure you and others will be stead fast in your blog methods and personal beliefs of hate allowing you to link my comments in some way or another to the Bush political machine. My comments are not ment to be political, rather an observation of the kays comments.

  5. I’m going to slightly disagree with youse guys.

    Not about the Dip Twins, especially trashy, ignorant Jenna who is a dup of her father and in 20 years she could be our next prez. In comparison to them, Chelsea is a paragon of virtue. No arguments from me on these facts.
    However, I don’t agree that Chelsea is anything for us to rave about. Where is Ms Corporate’s voice, particularly as her generation is rounded up and sent into hell? We can only guess, because she is silent on any issues of consequence, and I suspect we don’t hear from Ms Corporate because it would jeopardize her career moves up the elite ladder.
    In the broad scope of things, are either of these two priviledged women anything for us to admire?


  7. About the Dip twins and Chelsea, I’ll go one step farther.

    All 3 of these women are vulgar. The twins demonstrate it one way and Chelsea demonstrates it another way. All three have the spotlight whenever they want it. They each have had all doors opened to them; neither have any barriers to their possibilities. Their ‘voices’ can be heard and sent around the world at any time. They are of the same generation that is being sacrificed in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Bush family is trash and the twins are acting out the quality of their upbringing. The Clinton family sells their soul for money and entrance into power and Chelsea demonstrates the quality of her upbringing. Considering the brainpower of Jen & Barb & Chelsea, I find Chelsea’s life choices to be the more obscene.

  8. Memo to David: The GOP has destroyed America, and the world will never be the same. It is not a matter of hatred, but rather, ” Enough is enough; no more insanity; and it is time to battle the evil.” David you can now go back to sleep.

  9. It’s amazing just how much hate in your heart you have for ALL THINGS that you judge to be in violation of your own ideology.

    Go to Oprah.

  10. “Bushbot? Your comment is sooooooooooooo telling about you.”

    Humps With Apes is just jealous, Mirthy. He’s wishing the zoo wouldn’t have fixed the hole in the back fence of the ape enclosure… it’s really put a crimp in his love life!

    Being the anomaly he is, it’s getting harder and harder to fulfill his passions, when farmers start sitting up at night with their rifles, and zookeepers maintain 24-hr. patrols around ape cages and domestic livestock pens.

    Hey, Dip-wad… looks like it’s back to knotholes and folded pillows for you, sailor!

  11. Go pound sand, Freak-job! At least we’re not poster-boys for Bestiality Weekly. My advice to you is to get some serious psychiatric help, you bi-polar freaking wonder! Decide what mood-swing is best for you and stick with it!

    Now, slither away like a good little mudskipper and let the humans alone, there’s a good ape-toy!

    *Smile — right back at her*

  12. Bushbot:
    You should never write “We have to face facts” at the beginning of your comments. I mean, who is gonna continue reading after that? Our eyes are all misty from laughter! Start with something like “I’m a dope” and we’ll probably stick with your words, maybe even to their end.
    I’m just trying to he helpful, Hon.

  13. And make sure I get my fucking cheque ON TIME this time, cage-toy, or I’ll kick your ass so fucking hard you’ll have to unbutton your collar to shit!

    Isn’t he precious, Sugar? Which champagne do you fancy, my dear?

  14. You are sooooooo right! Another glass, my sweet? Don’t worry about the tab… Bushead’s got that!

  15. Watch your language, Shitball! Your bipolarness is showing itself, again. Now get your nerd ass back to the cellar and continue formulating your plans for circumventing the zookeeper tonight, so Mongo doesn’t lose it like the last time you jilted him. Even an ape’s-bitch like you can only handle so much anal mauling… better take some extra K-Y with you, this time!

    Pay no mind to the turd, my dear… he was dropped as a… child really doesn’t apply here, does it?

  16. You won’t let me drink too much, will you Shug?

    A first! I’ve been called many names (magnificent, for one), but never a bitch. And from hell, no less! The ‘Liberal’ I accept with no objections.
    So to you, 1/3 of a thank you.

    You’re tax report didn’t take long.

  17. “You’re tax report didn’t take long.”

    Doesn’t take long when you’re a patient in the psyche ward, right Ass For A Face? You’re probably illiterate, too… not many pictures on a tax form.

    Awwww… Bussy… did Mongo hurt you, Pookie?

  18. “You won’t let me drink too much, will you Shug?”

    Of course not… I am an honorable knight! *Smiling*

  19. Oh, of that I have nooooo doubts.

    I try to give credit where credit is due and your computer beeping when someone says something stupid…ok, that’s funny.
    Of course we’re typing so we’re not actually saying anything, but that a small point.

  20. You’d probably like to (hook up with me) yourself, right Dropped On Head More Than Once? Being the shadow of a man that you are, you admire guys like me — straight, and appreciative of females of my own race!

    Your computer is probably trying to tell you that YOU are the stupid one, Cock-breath, and to get help that doesn’t entail nightly visits to animal pens.

    Better start listening, Jerk-off… or consign yourself to remaining the Internet laughing-stock that you are!

  21. Bushbot, Honey, that’s something stupid you have said.
    I asked for something I have said…er…written that in your opinion is stupid.

  22. David Says:
    March 3rd, 2007 at 1:38 pm e


    Funny David. You come here and try to push your “morals” on us by putting us down for using our First Amendment right to free speech.

    Piss off ya ant!

  23. Also David, I have a great life. My idea of a great life is different of your version of a great life. Suck eggs David is you think your life is much better BECAUSE OF THE WAY YOU ARE.

    See how you neocons are? You’re hypocrites!

  24. Careful, Kay… you’ll give the dork a trauma! He’s not used to contemplating anything other than his belly-button!

  25. Hi Rocky!! So true about the belly button!

    By the way, I just got back from celebrating my cousin Sam and his wife Pam’s baby which is due in April. How much fun we had! Oh, and trolls? Pam is an FBI agent and she was transferred here from the New Jersey FBI. Ha ha. My life is great!

  26. mirth Says:
    I asked for something I have said…er…written that in your opinion is stupid.

    My 6:12 was in response to your 6:00. The posts in-between hadn’t come thru then.

    The answer to this question of yours is that, to my way of thinking, you haven’t said anything stupid; only things motivated by jealousy toward the Hannity, Bush, Chelsea trio; and a desire to run people’s lives based on some invariant dictitorial in your own mind.

  27. Bushbot, Bill Clinton has made A TOTAL of $40 million since 2000…not $40 million a year! See how you pull ‘facts’ out of your ass all the time?

  28. bb, did you read what I wrote above about the twins & Chelsea? Where your perception of jealousy on my part comes from, I dunno. I could live a lavish and irresponsible life if I wanted that, if I was that shallow. Instead, I prefer to use my assets in ways that benefit others. As for a desire of mine to change people according to my values…I admit to that.

  29. Oh… gee… Kay, you mean that Dubya is double-dipping? Horrors!

    *Turning to Mr. March in “Bestiality Weekly”*

    Hey, Tweedle-DUMB, can you spell C-A-R-L-Y-L-E G-R-O-U-P?

    Can you spell F-U-C-K O-F-F M-O-R-O-N?

  30. Mirth, that’s what we love about you! You’re not a selfish person. Bushbot is. He hates if even one red cent helps an American in this country! Selfish….very selfish.

  31. kayinmaine Says: Bushbot, Bill Clinton has made A TOTAL of $40 million since 2000…not $40 million a year!

    You are right Kay. I went back and read it again. 9 to 10 million in 2006, but 40 mil since 2000. Thanks for checking facts. Apologize for mis-leading.

  32. “Maybe Rocky Roadkill could get a good job where he doesn’t have to sit on his brains all day….”

    Watch your mouth, little lady! I might take a dislike to you and tell Mongo you’re two-timing him with a sasquatch out in the Ozarks! Geez… try to be nice to the little lint-ball…

    Mirthy, mon Sucrée , vous êtes les équitable de les équitable!

    Alas, duty calls, and I must depart for a short while. Stay sweet, mon cher… I shall return! Bye-bye, Kay!

  33. Yes Mirth! A new sweet little liberal baby to welcome in to our family! My cousin Sam is my age (39…well, I’ll be 39 in April, but basically we’re a few weeks apart) and his wife is 41 and this is their first baby! So wonderful. Their baby girl is going to be named Dorothy. Love it! Not many people use that name anymore, but it’s so appropriate for these two. Sam is going to make a great father. It’s about time he had a baby!

  34. Bushboy, how much money has Bush Sr. made through speeches, the Carlyle Group, and all the secret deals he’s made with the Saudi royals, illegal occupation of Iraq, and the bin Laden family? Bill Clinton is making peanuts compared to what Bush Sr. is doing!

  35. Bushbot, just when I think it might be possible to have a civilized conversation with you, you show what a low life you are.
    I wasn’t bragging. I merely said I could and don’t.
    And no, I’m not a whore.

    Really bushbot, you are quite disgusting.

  36. kayinmaine Says:
    Bushboy, how much money has Bush Sr. made through speeches, the Carlyle Group, and all the secret deals he’s made with the Saudi royals, illegal occupation of Iraq, and the bin Laden family?

    You’re the one with the big computers; you tell me. I’m not blaming anyone for making money. I just don’t like the double standard.

  37. Yo, pussboy what your so worried about, competition for your drag queen routine on Bourbon Street, asshole?

    Or is Mongo selling your sorry ass to the chimpanzees again?

  38. Hell pussboy you screech about all the times you have to pay a disabled vet, but your gutless sorry cat 4 ass hid just like Bush and Cheney did, Not went like Kerry and Gore did son.

    So sucker pay those who did and STFU because you didn’t

  39. Mirth, this is what you said:

    mirth Says:
    “I prefer to use my assets in ways that benefit others.”

    You didn’t say: “I could and don’t”

    WTH are you getting at here?

  40. Hi Kay, mirth et al.

    Bushboy? (#71) You never cease to amaze me with what a worthless punk you are. Is that the kind of shit they teach you in that church you SAY you go to?
    You say you go to church. I think you are full of it.

  41. Damn pussboty yopur ADHD is showing again brcause your the only sorry ass who couldn’t read … AND … understand the plain english of Mirth’s 6:40 post;

    Where your perception of jealousy on my part comes from, I dunno. I could live a lavish and irresponsible life if I wanted that, if I was that shallow. Instead, I prefer to use my assets in ways that benefit others. As for a desire of mine to change people according to my values…I admit to that.

    Your sorry re-pubie attempt at “cut and scramble” to try to channge what she wrote aside … monkey penis breath.

  42. Hi Good Dave!

    Y’know, bushbot really isn’t worth your efforts.
    He enjoys being ugly to others.
    Nothing can change that.

  43. There is being ugly to others and there is being a worthless punk. Bushpunk is the latter. Worthless fake christian trash.

  44. Busboy Says:
    March 3rd, 2007 at 7:58 pm
    Clif, stick that stuff where the sun don’t shine! We owe the world to the vets. I don’t like you because you’re an extremist Muslim sympathizer; not because you’re a vet. You’ve gone over to the other side. You’re probably on the FBI “watch” list. You need a course in Patriotism 101.

    Surely you aren’t this fucking dense! Oh wait, yes you are. Fake!

  45. Busboy Says:
    March 3rd, 2007 at 8:04 pm
    Being Christian doesn’t mean to be silent when addressed by creeps.

    Punkboy, you obviously know nuthin’ about christianity so go fuck yourself. You are a fake and that’s all there is to it. Why else would someone who knows he is hated keep showing up where he is hated?

  46. Hey pussboy I ain’t NO symathiser at all, I really wanted OUR military to FINISH the job in Afghanistan and actually catch Bin Laden. Instead of following your neo-con idiotic ass’s idea of illegally invading Iraq getting 3165 troops killed 25,000 more wounded somewhere around 150,000 new PTSD cases for the rest of their lives. It ain’t me who was a gutless chicken hawk cheerleader for the reichwing gutless chicken hawks who let Bin laden escape, almost destroy the US Army make deals with Pakistan at the very same time they were harboring Bin Laden and aiding the Taliban in it’s resurgence son, that would be you idiot.

    Your the numbskull who doesn’t kniow the difference and attacks those of us who do chimp penis breath.

  47. I’ve noticed how bushbot runs away when he’s taking heat. He can give it, but when it comes back to him….poof!

  48. Mirth what do you expect outa gutless widdle punk like pussboy?

    “testicular fortitude”?

    Hell he probably doesn’t know what it means with out looking it up.

  49. mirth Says: I’ve noticed how bushbot runs away when he’s taking heat. He can give it, but when it comes back to him….poof!

    Who can’t take heat? Didn’t we go thru that about your allocation of assets a few posts ago?

  50. Some ape assfucked asshole said;

    Who can’t take heat? Didn’t we go thru that about your allocation of assets a few posts ago?

    No son, YOU tried the reichwingnut dishonest spin of thaking things out of context and re aranging it to LIE asshole other wise you did nothing but show your ignorance once again son.

  51. 1. Asshole I would NEVER treat a vet like the reichwing has for the last 6 years stupid. (that is their standard operation proceedure)

    2. No wheel chair fuckface, but since your at it son, where is YOUR outrage at the way the Bush Administration is treating the wounded troops and vets they sent off to war?

  52. Some serve when they are called. I didn’t fight in any wars, but I try to serve my country in other ways. If that seems boastful to you, bushbot…well, there’s nothing I can say to that. I meant only to show that wealth can be used in different ways. Nothing more.
    For you to malign anyone who acts in a beneficial way to our country, in particular someone who sacrificed their health as Clif did, is about as low as a person can go.

  53. BTW pussboy here is a very GOOD article which explains why iraq was wrong especially the way Dumsfeld and Wolfowitz demanded it be fought. (yes I know it is LONG, but explaining why Bush and Cheney were wrong, andf Dumsfeld and Wolfowitz were incompetent is not a short article.)

    Before you plow into Stroud’s article you may need a cheat sheet to understand the acronyms. Here’s some help:

    OPLAN–Operations Plan

    CINC–Commander in Chief

    CINCCENT–Commander in Chief Central Command

    CENTCOM–Central Command

    SWA MRC–Southwest Asia Major Regional Conflict

    CINCPAC–Commander in Chief Pacific Command

    ARCENT–Army Central Command;id=12

    Iraq: What Could Have Been, What Should Have Been…

    President’s Note: The author of this piece is a retired Colonel of Infantry, US Army. His essay should be required reading at all our Professional Military Education centers/schools/colleges. More than that, it should serve as the starting point for a congressional inquiry into how our senior military leaders so blithely tugged their forelocks and said, “Yes, master,” when they should have said, “Over my dead body, sir!” Read it, and weep. And, while doing so, please recall that this is not some sterile academic exercise. America’s Grunts are paying with lives, limbs and blood for the “go along” to “get along” mentality that permeates the Perfumed Princes and their careerist approach to what should be seen as a sacred trust. s/f, Rog Charles NB: The title was added by me; the essay came without a title.

    By Richard L. Stouder, Director Technology Development and Deployment, National Security Directorate, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

    Editor’s Note: No editing of this piece has occurred. Some may not like the author’s tone, but it is his tone, not DefenseWatch’s tone. The excerpt immediately following gives the reader an inkling of the frustration he feels about today’s mess in Iraq. It could have, and he argues, should have been different.

    I was assigned to US Central Command in 1992 after graduating from the National War College. For my first year I was assigned as the lead for the OPLAN that was the redux of Desert Shield – Desert Storm. The culmination of that first year was Gen Hoar and I briefing the OPLAN for approval to the SecDef. In the room were Dick Cheney, the CJCS, Colin Powell, and the one of Cheney’s Undersecs, Paul Wolfowitz. This was the first rewritten OPLAN since the first Gulf War. I think it is illustrative and a portent of things to come when the major sticking point was a discussion of the number of Army and Marine forces and the number of USAF fighter squadrons. The person who was arguing for more Air Force and less ground forces was Wolfowitz.

    I then became the Chief of War Plans Division and began work on the next generation of War Plans. As we were trying to figure out how to execute the requirements in the Joint Strategic Capabilities Plan (JSCAP), the bi-annual document where CINCs are tasked for war planning, we encounter a problem. As George H.W. Bush and Cheney were carrying out the “Peace Dividend” they started an aggressive program to downsize the Armed Forces. As you remember we dramatically cut the size of the military during this timeframe. This reduction of the military was at odds with the tasks to the CINCs in the JSCAP; there were not enough forces to meet the taskings to CINCCENT (SWA MRC) and CINCPAC (Korea MRC). We in CENTCOM were the genesis of the Two MRC strategy when we got Gen Hoar to assign unacceptable risk to our OPLAN when war in SWA followed war in Korea . The major point here is Bush the first and Cheney as the SecDef began the cutting of our military to the point where we could not execute the taskings of the JSCAP.

    In the 1994 planning cycle we hit an immediate hurdle. The JSCAP directs CINCS to use the National Intelligence Estimate as the basis for the threat assessment that is building block for the respective OPLANs. I got very involved in this and had many meetings with the CIA (responsible for the NIEs) and DIA. For any who have seen inside the NIE process you are quickly disabused of the idea that NIEs are pure intelligence. The NIE process is fraught with politics. It is supposed to be a consensus document, that is, intelligence assessment by committee. This NIE had serious fundamental flaws and we got the new CINC, Gen Peay to non-concur and to request the CJCS allow CENTCOM to use the CENTCOM intelligence assessment as the basis for planning vice the NIE; this was unprecedented. After a year of debate we finally won. This is also illustrative of things to come.

    It was in the planning for this OPLAN where we began to have serious internal CENTCOM debate on Phase V, post conflict. The discussions included most every issue that has now come to light in the current war. Fundamental to our assessment was the complex society that was Iraq. Saddam Hussein was the glue that held Iraq together. If we remove Saddam there was a great chance that Iraq would come apart at the seams. Combine that with the fact that we were charged by the JSCAP to defeat Saddam while 1) maintaining as a nation-state, and 2) insuring Iraq remained a counter-balance to Iran and 3) had the capability for self defense. This required some new thinking about how we approached post conflict operations. This was to be the first OPLAN that seriously addressed this complex phase of the operation, for we had no doubt we could win “the war,” but we had to insure we had a plan “to win the peace.” This OPLAN was eventually approved by the then SecDef, William Perry.

    The 1996 planning cycle then provided more detail to post conflict operations. We had another huge debate with OSD regarding the number of ground forces vice the number of air forces. We conducted detailed modeling and simulation to defend our force ratios. One of the other important aspects of our justification for ground forces was post conflict operations. There was tremendous pressure from OSD that mirrored the Air Staff view that precision weapons delivered by air would win the war and we could cut ground forces significantly. In the end, SecDef Cohen approved the OPLAN.

    I spent two years in another assignment and in 1998 I was assigned as the G3, Third US Army/ARCENT working for then LTG Tommy Franks. CINCCENT Tony Zinni designated ARCENT as the Combined Force Land Component Commander (CFLCC). In this capacity ARCENT was responsible, in peacetime, for planning and coordinating all land operations, and in war, employing all land forces. As we developed the land operations in support of CENTCOMs OPLAN and briefed it to Gen Zinni, he was most uncomfortable with post conflict planning; there was not enough detail. Gen Zinni fully understood the complexities in Iraq and the role that Saddam played. He also said that what kept him awake at night was the thought that Saddam “might die in his sleep” or “be assassinated,” and the US would be left to go into Iraq to quell the ensuing chaos. We then went into several months of detailed planning for post conflict operations. Every possible scenario and every branch and sequel that could be conceived was identified and planned for. Gen Zinni also knew that even with the best of military plans, the solution to post conflict had to include the interagency process of the US Government. He caused a two day meeting in Tysons Corner where the CENTCOM plan, the Service Component Commanders plans were presented to a large interagency working group. In the end this effort failed because the various agencies of the US Government refused to take responsibility for their Titled functional areas. Nevertheless, for the first time there was a detailed military plan for post conflict operations. These plans covered consequence that has come to pass since we invaded Iraq. The person who briefed the land component plan was LTG Franks.

    So Bush the second was convinced we needed to go into Iraq and remove Saddam. We had a military plan that was developed and improved upon since 1992 and had been briefed to every SecDef that served during that timeframe. Success depended on very thoroughly thought out and war gamed force levels. The plan had very detailed concepts for post conflict operations. The first thing the serving SecDef, Rumsfeld, did was tell CENTCOM to trash the OPLAN. Rumsfeld and his advisors believed that we could win with “shock and awe” and didn’t need many ground forces. In the total ignorance of Iraq and Arab culture, Rumsfeld and his advisors said they didn’t have responsibility for nation building. Rumsfeld and his advisors based their justification on the current Iraq NIE. Who was the primary advisor, none other than Paul Wolfowitz. The Army and Marine Corps has been hand cuffed since they crossed the Line of Departure. The lack of ground forces has now proven to be the fundamental flaw of the Rumsfeld strategy, and we have never recovered from this. Key to the Zinni post conflict plan was keeping the Iraqi Army intact. There were plans for how to not destroy the Iraqi Army so that they could be the foundation for rebuilding the Iraqi military so that Iraq could remain a counter balance to Iran. Also key to our post conflict plan was rapidly rebuilding an Iraqi government. The first acts of Paul Bremmer were to disband the Iraqi Army and refuse to allow former Baathists in the new government. If the paucity of ground forces didn’t doom the U.S. effort, these two acts did. We have been playing catch-up ever since. The Army and Marines have carried this war and every success we have had has been on the backs of the Soldiers and Marines that walk patrol everyday.

    The military of our country is charged with fighting our nation’s wars. Since the end of the first Gulf War our military has been reduced to levels below required to defend our national interests. Funding for our military, as a percentage of GNP, has been at the lowest in generations. We have a military planning process that is designed to execute our National Military Strategy. We have a professional military that knows how to fight our nation’s wars. Unfortunately when the military strategy is ignored by so-called civilian experts, when we have a generation of senior military leadership that have been cowed by a “my way or the highway” SecDef, we have the mess we are in now. The Army is unfairly taking the blame for this debacle in Iraq. The Army is too small for the requirements asked of it, its people are over-extended and tired, its equipment is in shambles, and its future modernization is in jeopardy due to funding. The Army and the United States of America will unfairly pay for this folly for generations.


    I know this a few pay grade levels above either your or probably your son’s understanding, BUT IT IS THE TRUTH. So your reichwing disinformation is just that, And this article helps explain why Gen Shinseki stated correctly we needed 300,000 troops tio WIN in Iraq, not just attack and end up, in a futile insurgency which has also become the basis of the iraqi civil war.

  54. Think of me however you want bushbot. I honestly don’t care. We were having a fairly pleasant conversation and suddenly there you are with the whore thing. That hurt my feelings, as you meant it to. I get it now, and I’ll never again try to be nice to you.

  55. Sorry pussboy but your THE only idiot who pretends NOT to understand what mirth was very clear about asshole, Must be the reichwing pent up sexual urges which makes you clowns so liable to sexually hassle pages, or seek gay prostitutes for meth and ass or run off to the dominican republic with a bottle of Viagra, or cheat on their wives like Mccain, Guiuliani and Newt did along with Jim Baker, Jimmy Swaggart, etc.

  56. mirth Says:
    I meant only to show that wealth can be used in different ways. Nothing more.

    OK, In which different ways are you using your wealth? I give you all the latitude you need to clarify your remarks w/o giving you hell for misleading.

  57. Clif,
    Nice article but you are wasting your time with punkboy. He’ll take all the truth in it and spin it to mean whatever he wants it to mean. Just like the Fox news idiots.
    As the old saying goes: You can lead an idiot to knowledge, but you can’t make him learn anything.
    (I’m paraphrasing)

  58. Or sexually attack children like over 65 nationally reconized re-pubie office holders have been charged with son.

  59. Pussboy only a reichwing pseudo-christian would see JUST physical attributes as all the assets a woman has, other wise you might think of her mind, heart and soul, you gutless freak of nature.

    Damn that attempt at repressing those natural; urges dioes warp the mind a bit don’t it moron?

  60. The juxtiposition of our two comments is PURE karma in action pussboy.

    # Clif Says:
    March 3rd, 2007 at 9:00 pm

    Pussboy only a reichwing pseudo-christian would see JUST physical attributes as all the assets a woman has, other wise you might think of her mind, heart and soul, you gutless freak of nature.

    Damn that attempt at repressing those natural; urges dioes warp the mind a bit don’t it moron?
    # Busboy Says:
    March 3rd, 2007 at 9:00 pm

    Mirth at 6:40: ” I prefer to use my assets in ways that benefit others”

    Come on, Mirth. WTH does that mean? Does it just mean you pay your taxes? You made the statement. Now, give us a little back-up.

  61. Damn you a DENSE asshole son, assets are NOT just what you beat your meat to son, It includes a womans mind, her heart and soul idiot, in fact iover time the heart soul and mind shuold become more important than just what you wanna drool at son.

  62. mirth Says: March 3rd, 2007 at 9:09 pm GFY

    OK, I admit when I’m wrong; you say GFY. Not quite the same.
    Good enough for me. Don’t try to drive that bullshit down the internet again.

  63. Assets- As in FINANCIAL assets are clearly what mirth was talking about.

    Perhaps in okleehoma women ain’t allowed to have them no money. Assbackwards state it is.

  64. Well pussboy, start admitting every post you opost here is wrong in substance and intent son, and that your just another reichwingnut drinking the kool aid and supporting the most corrupt and criminal administration to ever attempt to lead tyhis country.

    Besides asshole you,ve been wronng so much about the war in Iraq and afghasnistan it is incredible. And you assholes NEVER admit that you were wrong on the WMD’s you lie and say they went to syria which is pyure bullshit.

    Nor do you accept the fact that Shinseki was right and Wolfowitz Cheney bush and Dumsfeld were all wrong.

    Nor do you even realize that the invasion of Iraq was a bigger military stragetic mistake than Vietnam even was, I bet you do not even realize the depths of that mistake yet if ever.

    And you can not accept that military force has it’s l;imits unhless you wanna go and become like the Soviet and Nazis and kill every one, just do NOT cklaim Jesus christ would ecver accept your rationalisation for one minute.

  65. Son it is NOT givinmg anybody slack if you admit they said something you TRIED and Failed to spin into something else son, It is the truth, which if I remember right is on the list of those ten thingys God says never violate eh son?

    Damn your real DENSE son.

  66. Well for one Pussboy mirth nor anybody else ever has to justify themselves to YOU at any time som her response at 9:09 GFY was totally appropriate given your sleazy attemp at DISHONEST spin about her statement,

    ten commandments do not mean much eh asshole?

  67. Busboy Says:
    OK, let’s go with that as a possibility.

    HAHAHAHAHA! Is it such a stretch for you to comprehend that a woman might have financial independence? What century do you live in?

    Perhaps mirth has something better to do than to put up with a worthless sack of shit like you. Come to think of it, so do I.
    See ya, wouldn’t want to be ya!

  68. Pussboy, Shinseki was attacked for his comments in front of congress and the world that we needed around 300,000 troops for the invasion of Iraq to be sucessful, and since Wolfowitz and Dumsfeld wanted to fight a war on the cheap with the barest number of troops and NO plans for phase 4 after combat operations, he was “canned” long before his time was up. (BTW ASSHOLE Bush admitted we did NOT have enough troops after he fired Dumsfeld, remember the four year late surge of troops to stabilize iraq after 4 years of neglectful planning and pentagon leadership provided by the neo-con idiots who ran this war.)

    YOUR A BALDFACED LIAR if you try to say anything different son, and lying is a sin asshole.

  69. Busboy Says:
    Probably the one after you’re living in.

    So you are already living in the Dark Ages that you buddy bush is sending this world into?

    Hi Kay
    Bye Kay

  70. Here’s the reason, you ignorant nasty redneck:

    You’ve referred to me as a whore and then have the audacity to ask me to explain something which is perfectly clear in and of itself.
    I’m going to ever again discuss with you anything about my personal life? Or even anything in general?
    Yeah, right.

  71. PUSSFACE your probably being IGNORED by Mirth after your RUDE asinine statement about Bourbon Street son. (but you get ignored so much by women your probvably used to it, thus your pathetic attempt to keep attacking when your WRONG)

    YOUR simply are NO Christian son just another reichwing pretend dress up for show kind of Pharisee Jesus decried in his time.

  72. Some idiot with monkey cum stains on his t shirt said;

    Good thing that being a dumbass isn’t a sin.

  73. Very few reichwingnut pseudo christian wanna be’s would ever have a chance to get saved cause they would be sinners for life.

  74. No idiot you tried and failed to imply that someone BESIDES yourself is the BLOG IDIOT son, and of course you have to LIE when you get called on it like reichwingers always do.

  75. Yo pussboy I am no traitor asswipe, cause I do NOT support those who want to destroy the constitution, nor do I think sending Soldiers off to war year after year with out proper training or equipment is a good idea.

    At the same time I also do not think wars should be used to cover up reichwing screw ups of the last quarter century, like reagan and Bush41 arming and aiding Saddam in his illegal war agaisnt Iran, nor do I think we should be fighting againstt the iraqi’s just to allow Exxon ET Al to get the oil.

    In fact I think the private contractors should have to either account for ALL thye money they got or return it. and those who imbezzeled or out right stole it wioth out fufilling their contracts should have to pay a penality just like all the other criminals in this country do.

    That is NOT beinmg a traitor son, but a patriot in the best tradition Jefferson, Franklin, Madison and Washington wanted us to be asshole.

    Your the foole who would have sided with b arnold to CONSERVE the standing government son.

  76. It is you, YOU FUCKING IDIOT, who wrote that I was ‘jealous’ of people with money. I made a simple statement to show that I have nothing to envy or feel jealous about for people with money and that I use my ‘assets’ differently than it appears the twins or Chelsea Clinton do.
    What makes you think I owe you any explanations, YOU FUCKING MORON?! How do you use YOUR fucking assets, you FUCKING IGNORANT PRICK.

  77. Pussboy the “official” blog idiot, but a fewe other trools try from time to time to steal his shit stained crown of pig feces.

  78. FUCK OFF asshole your the only person who has been wrong ALL night as usual is you son, go fuck some sheep and feel better about your sorry ass.

  79. Bushpunkboy, it is obvious you get a thrill by deliberately being a misquoting misleading prick. Fake christians like yourself tend to do that. Is this all part of some sexual dysfunction on your part?
    You have claimed to be married and even to have actually polluted the gene pool with your cess-pool seed. I think you are full of it.

    You are an unmarried childless little punk. You don’t have a son serving duty anywhere. You don’t go to church. You are a fake.

  80. Fuck this.
    I do not need this shit.

    Bushbot, you are an enemy to my country and to humankind as a whole.

    Great knowing all of you other wonderful people.
    Continued success, Kay, with your blog.
    I love you and all of the things you do for your country.
    Be safe in DC!
    And give ‘em hell for all of us.

  81. Well pussboy you just pissed all over Jesus Christ’s crucifixion with your sorry assed lying attack on Mirth,

    YOU have done exactly the opposite as Christ demands you do son,

    Your just a modern day JUDAS who is willing to sell your soul for silver(or OIL)

  82. The only liar on this blog is you bushboy. Lying about having a son serving anywhere. Lying about going to church. Lying about everything.
    You are a fake in every sense of the word.

  83. Well, looky here… the pus-nutted, dip-dunk, shit-for-brained, asshole chimp-fucker, Doritos-ridden, fat-assed nerd from Loserville Bushead is still here… hiya, cock-breathed, bipolar freakin’ wonder, ya!

    Your old pal Rocky’s back, yuh goddamn piece of congealed ape shit! What, the zookeeper stayin’ awake, lately?

  84. “You got trolls! Congratulations, you have arrived.”

    This asshole is a masochistic wonder that has no life outside of this exchange. He gets off when people abuse him, and can’t function in the real world. He’s a laugh to me! He sits in his basement in front of a jizz-covered, Doritos bag-littered work station pumping himself to all of the abuse, while gazing at his high school yearbook full of pics of all the girls that wanted nothing to do with his zit-covered ass, imagining that he’s a stud!

    He’s a loser par none, and would shrivel up and die if he couldn’t get his fix of abuse on this blog. The bipolar sumbitch can’t even work a date with a knothole in a fence, so he comes here… laughable!

    Sorry I missed pummeling the little worm, but then again, that’s what he wants!

  85. Kay… if you’re still up…

    I had a look around for him, ’cause I love the fight. He’s a joke to me, but honestly Kay, you don’t actually win with these goofs… they truly love the abuse. Blocking him is the only way to get him, or ignore him, but that takes fortitude.

    He truly has no life. Annoying others is all he has.

  86. Lol! Sorry I missed the ‘fun’ Larry… but I’m thinking of the gals over my entertainment. I’d love to catch the little fucker out in a dark alley some night… unless of course Mongo was in tow!

  87. Larry one question that must be asked given the picture, do you mean Jenna Bush or Jenna’s Bush?

    It does make a difference.

  88. Rocky if you can’t run real good catching a reichwing troll in an alley is justr the beginning of a chase with the troll screaming their lungs out running home for mommy to protect them.

  89. I guess somebody at the other blog can’t take a suttle hint eh Larry, the idiot was like a broken record all night, he is so entertaining when he tries and FAILS like that.

  90. Failure is what gets him off! His hand was likely going like a piston behind that pile of goo he calls a work station!

  91. Actually forgetting it is there does the trick doesn’t it Larry, it wants attention SO bad it will reproduce the same lines over and over again.

    Sorta like pussboy does here.

  92. Pussboy can’t hold a candle to a moron like that.

    Sweet Dreams Kay.

    May they be filled with Jenna’s picture.

  93. It looks like Bush’s idiotic priorities did contribute to the FAILURES at Walter Reed after all, no wonder Bush has been so silent on the whole affair.

    Committee subpoenas former Walter Reed chief

    The Committee on Oversight and Government Reform has subpoenaed Maj. Gen. George Weightman, who was fired as head of Walter Reed Army Medical Center, after Army officials refused to allow him to testify before the committee Monday.

    Committee Chairman Henry Waxman and subcommittee Chairman John Tierney asked Weightman to testify about an internal memo that showed privatization of services at Walter Reed could put “patient care services… at risk of mission failure.”

    But Army officials refused to allow Weightman to appear before the committee after he was relieved of command.

    “The Army was unable to provide a satisfactory explanation for the decision to prevent General Weightman from testifying,” committee members said in a statement today.

    The committee wants to learn more about a letter written in September by Garrison Commander Peter Garibaldi to Weightman.

    The memorandum “describes how the Army’s decision to privatize support services at Walter Reed Army Medical Center was causing an exodus of ‘highly skilled and experienced personnel,’” the committee’s letter states. “According to multiple sources, the decision to privatize support services at Walter Reed led to a precipitous drop in support personnel at Walter Reed.”

    The letter said Walter Reed also awarded a five-year, $120-million contract to IAP Worldwide Services, which is run by Al Neffgen, a former senior Halliburton official.

    They also found that more than 300 federal employees providing facilities management services at Walter Reed had drooped to fewer than 60 by Feb. 3, 2007, the day before IAP took over facilities management. IAP replaced the remaining 60 employees with only 50 private workers.

    “The conditions that have been described at Walter Reed are disgraceful,” the letter states. “Part of our mission on the Oversight Committee is to investigate what led to the breakdown in services. It would be reprehensible if the deplorable conditions were caused or aggravated by an ideological commitment to privatize government services regardless of the costs to taxpayers and the consequences for wounded soldiers.”

    The letter said the Defense Department “systemically” tried to replace federal workers at Walter Reed with private companies for facilities management, patient care and guard duty – a process that began in 2000.

    “But the push to privatize support services there accelerated under President Bush’s ‘competitive sourcing’ initiative, which was launched in 2002,” the letter states.

    During the year between awarding the contract to IAP and when the company started, “skilled government workers apparently began leaving Walter Reed in droves,” the letter states. “The memorandum also indicates that officials at the highest levels of Walter Reed and the U.S. Army Medical Command were informed about the dangers of privatization, but appeared to do little to prevent them.”

    The memo signed by Garibaldi requests more federal employees because the hospital mission had grown “significantly” during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. It states that medical command did not concur with their request for more people.

    “Without favorable consideration of these requests,” Garibaldi wrote, “[Walter Reed Army Medical Center] Base Operations and patient care services are at risk of mission failure.”

    I think pussboy considers the yellow ribbon on his go cart support enough.

    Bush does not consider proper treatment of wounded troops as part of supporting the troops since they do not make good photo ops in rat infested, moldy rooms with cochroaches crawling all over the place.

  94. Apologies, everyone, for my cussing scream above. In two years of thread commenting, this is only the 2nd time I’ve been that pissed. And in my defense, it took several hours of stuff from the UglyOne before I lost it.
    I’m not proud.

  95. Dang it! living three timezones away, I always miss the crapfest. I’m GLAD we have no trolls at ETR.Everyone was engaging in conversation before dickhead david ooozed out and attacked K. I don’t suffer these sub-human puke basins lightly. You can TALK with a republican, but a neo-tard is like a dungheap. They sit there in their own stench and the more you poke at them the more stink you stir up. They aren’t worth the keystrokes it takes to shred them to ribbons. When that slug tried to make smartass comments about K’s beautiful chin, I realized that they are out of ammunition. At THAT point, all I say is: eat my shit and die screaming.

  96. Mirth NO apologies necessary he is simply the reason Jesus railed against the pharisees and saducees in his time, annd would hold Pussboy out as a modern form of the same, which is ironic because pseudo christians like pussboy think they’re so holy that they can say anything and jebus will give them another free pass, too bad that is NOT how it works at all.

    You had every right to rip his eyes out and shit in his hollow skull, so with what YOU did write, it pakles in comparison to his intentional anti-christian posts directed at YOU. Shallow littlew people like Pussboy always try to spread their self HATE to others so they feel the pain in return.

  97. It’s all so ridiculous. Written words, no matter how personally insulting or even idiotic they may be, should not provoke anger. Jeeze! Just scroll on by or leave the computer. But it was relentless today and…I really wanted to smack him!
    Anyway, my apology is sincere.

  98. I think I encouraged the bastard, too, so I must take some blame for him hanging around. After all, he has no life without someone to abuse him. Kay doesn’t want his ass around, and I won’t encourage the twit.

  99. Mirth in the battle for the country we all love and against the reichwing who want to destroy it to set up their christo fascist pro corporate state being “nice” to the idiots and their minions is optional, if they Play nice they get nice, if they don’t they get the same.

    It is the golden rule, I do to them as they ask for. Seems appropriate for the people who supposedly live by that rule dont cha think?

  100. Oh, he’ll try. He NEEDS the fix! He’s a masochist par excellence! Just laugh at him, he’s damaged goods — non-returnable!

  101. Naw Mirth after he threatened to turn me into the VA because he could tell from these blogs I was faking my disability, even though I declared disabled by the US Army and VA and am checked out at least every six months, that embarassment sent him away for a couple of days, Smoke was there, It was one night on Americablog, and I just kept laughing at him daring him to pull a Dr Frist on me.

    If he ever did, I want somebody to video it so I can watch him explain to the VA his Frist like medical abilities. that would be quite entertaining……

    Trust me he will be back to attack all of us, but I just turn the tables and treat him like the walking joke he is.

  102. You’re right, Clif. It’s a street fight. And cuss words are only words and I use them often enough. It’s more that I let someone like that get to me and that I added to the thread ugliness that bothers me. I’m fine now, and thank you for being so gallant all day.

    The drawing….I would say it’s wonderful (and it is in a BAM! sort of way) if it wasn’t so true and so heartbreaking. I saved it for my own files.

  103. Whoa! Clif I didn’t know he had done that to you. That makes him insinuating that I’m a whore and a liar seem so trivial. I would never have written a pleasant word to him if I had known.

  104. Mirth don’t worru about it, I just accepted the idiot as what he showed himself to be, a lying hypocrite who would attack anybody who happens to disagree with him. Too bad he is so stupid he still thinks I am playing at all.

    I just laugh at him trying to tell the VA he has Frist powers and they HAVE to listen to him.

  105. Well, let’s put this thread behind us and keep our fingers crossed that he stays away.

    Goodnight Clif and Rocky and Good Dave.
    You guys are…well, you each are very nice and this girl appreciates you looking out for her.

  106. Hi Kay. Have you been to John A.’s blog? Probably by now. I haven’t had time this weekend to blog much, I haven’t even done my schoolwork I’m supposed to do. I won’t have time today either, my wife and I have to take my mother and sister grocery shopping today.

    After checking things out, I noticed you guys nuking the Bushbot. I have to hand it to you and your whorepodmates, you guys make the trolls go all twitchy and stuff.

    Well, gotta check out for now, dad2059 duties call. Even for a transhuman like me (I’ll explain transhuman later) there’s never enough hours in a day.

  107. Oh yeah, congrats on the newest liberal to your family.

    May the baby carry on the good fight into the next generation.

    Evil never sleeps, neither must good.

  108. Good morning Dad!!! So nice to see you here each day. Yes, our little Dorothy is going to be something else. Her Mom is an FBI agent and her Dad is a ‘big wig’ at LL Bean. This little baby is going to have the best family to surround around her for the rest of her life. :-)

    America is tired of the trolls. They speak for no one except for the sloths of our nation (no offense to the real sloths!). These sloths are losing the battle and are now resorting to lies, spewing hatred, and threatening everyone who doesn’t agree with their cult ways! Tired of them.

  109. Hi Kay!! Dang!! I don’t get to berate you on behalf of the sloths (4 footed variety). :-(

    I love your pic of Jenna, as it reflects so well the family values with which she was raised.

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